Ufente?(Morelli collection)

Calò di Nussa, e dè suoi monti alpestri
Ufente, un condottier, ch'era in quei tempi
di molta fama, e fortunato in arme
Equicoli aveva seco la più parte…..

(Virgilio E
neide Libro VII)

We are in Cicolano, Latin name Aequicolanum, inhabited by the Equi population.
The name Cicolano hasn't disappeared like some others from the classical era, it has, through the medievale, reached us.
The Equi, who lived in this territory even before this was colonised by the Romans and established a municipality:the inscription "res publica aequicolanum" belongs to Nersae, today known as Nesce.
None of the invadors managed to take away that cultural identity, so strong, that even today it marks this population.
In the VII book of Eneide (verses 744-749) mentions Nersae and gives us a vivid and realistic description of the proud pepole.
In the medieval, the via Appia was uncomfortable (because of the unhealthy Pontine Swamps) so the valley became the connection between south and north, through Rome, starting from Cassino, reached Sora, then Avezzano, and travelling through Cicolano, reached Rieti and from there to Terni.
Evidence of this period are the numerous remains of castles and turrets on top of the hills, to defend the territory.
The countryside is still crossed with rolling hillsides, that once permitted flocks of sheep to go from Agro Romano towards the mountains of the region of Abruzzo.
The region, that today is part of the province of Rieti, in the past centuries was included in the kingdon of the two Sicilies, with the province of L'Aquila.

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The restaurant "La Corte di Nensino" incorporated "Lo Stallone" offers* food based on local products such as: legumes, sausages, various hams, mushrooms, pure olive oil, chestnuts etc..
Real treats are "Quagliatelli" with vegetable of the season "Sagne stracciate" "Ravioli" and "Frascarelli", roast meats with "Cicolano herbs" and to finish the exquisite desserts made from chestnuts grown on the farm.

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